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Not bad.... not good either

Ok i lied... it was good haha, i loved your Extras more than anything... Was very entertaining.
Makes up for the 30 mins i waited for it to load up and the coffee i drank waiting haha... Doesnt help that i have a crap computer.. o well.

Kepp up the good work pplz and i look forward to more collabs from y'all

~* Tyrix *~

YK-Blaze responds:

thanks !!! be sure to drink more coffe in the next one lol


As SeWox sed b4 me... it made me very misrable... was good tho... just misrable lol.

~* Tyrix *~

Well, very good apart from one thing...

The "Living spuds"... are onions by the looks of it lol but good flash, keep making more :)

~* Tyrix *~

Battosai810 responds:

well, yeah, they are onions... who somehow bleed...
but yeah, i just wanted to put spud in the title to associate it with spudboy - anyway, thanks for watching, and thanks for the great review!
i'll be sure to have more flash on the way!

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Im knackered

im so out of breath its unbeleivable haha.. well done.. it... is... gr8... *Collapses*

~* Tyrix *~


YOU OWN! this is absolutly amazing! THIS OWNS... umm.. THIS OWNS

Well done! this is so kool, i didnt know that games like this existed on NG... you have my respect my friend, keep it up :D it was fun and addictive too :D

Best of luck

~* Tyrix *~

ok better

a game? well thats new, well done you have made up 4 the last flash so im givin it another 5... yay

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Very nice indeed. Oh and Grent (Another reveiwer) You had 0/10 you need to click the stars at the top lol.

~* Tyrix *~

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*Runs round like crazy* OMG AGAIN?! :D

What is with NG 2day? all i have heard are hreat songs that i havent heard in ages and im all like "OMG THAT OWNS" and attempt to vote 100000 But Ng will only allow 5

Once again... brings back memorys :) well done :)

~* Tyrix *~

Damn i love this song.. brings back memorys

When the moon was close to crashing... i would just sit there and listen to this.. regardless that id die haha. just when i had a short while to go THEN i would go up lol... but.. yea im loving this... you made the mood, sound and texture of the original but with a lovely.. something in it that makes it revive that feling i get when i hear it

~* Tyrix *~

Hey, Ty speaking, I have returned to newgrounds to cast my eye on all those flashes out there :p And im only dark coz i r evil :p but i vote fairly

27, Male

games... :p

Left school now :D

bordon,hants, england


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