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Not bad.... not good either

Ok i lied... it was good haha, i loved your Extras more than anything... Was very entertaining.
Makes up for the 30 mins i waited for it to load up and the coffee i drank waiting haha... Doesnt help that i have a crap computer.. o well.

Kepp up the good work pplz and i look forward to more collabs from y'all

~* Tyrix *~

YK-Blaze responds:

thanks !!! be sure to drink more coffe in the next one lol


As SeWox sed b4 me... it made me very misrable... was good tho... just misrable lol.

~* Tyrix *~

Well, very good apart from one thing...

The "Living spuds"... are onions by the looks of it lol but good flash, keep making more :)

~* Tyrix *~

Battosai810 responds:

well, yeah, they are onions... who somehow bleed...
but yeah, i just wanted to put spud in the title to associate it with spudboy - anyway, thanks for watching, and thanks for the great review!
i'll be sure to have more flash on the way!

Oi you fuck tard

Hardyboyz1... your the fucking gay 1.. leave the fella alone, sure it wasnt my kind of flash but i fucking doubt u could do better you Arse licker. Ryan, i hope you do well and dont listen to these wankers who think they know it all.. coz they fucking dont. And as this twats name implies... hes probably a Inbred chav from bordon or some shitty place like that. He probably cant spell his own name.. he put a y in it... or is that the way retards spell Hard now?

Best wishes

~* Tyrix *~

Captain-Sparkles responds:

crass insults aside
it is the thought that counts
so thanks for backing me up

Dude.... wtf

i have wtched 1 & 2 and loved em.. but this.. THIS! What the fuck were u thinking boi? i r gonna cry now :'(

~* Tyrix *~

You will b pickled in 7 days

WHat the fuck!?

Umm... its ok... would b better if.. i got it... or sum1 was shot... or dead.. somehow coz i like violence :D

4 should have been shot for bing retarded lol

~* Tyrix *~ (I gave u a 4 in memory of.. 4 coz i shot him myslef :D)

Emerald-Fox responds:

Violence is not the way. Peace is the only way (or something like that). Sorry that there was minimal violence in this flash. No ones perfect...Anyway thanks for watching and reviewing (and also for sorting out that number 4). Thanks!

i want some of what he's been smokin

Dude... w/e it is u been smokin.. I WANT SOME.. that was like... Whoa trippy man... but.. i loved it...
Keep it up :)

~* Tyrix *~


Penguin? PENGUIN!? :O! that is a prinny dood.. they own like.. everything!.. dood!

Dont let this Flash ruin your disgaea Enjoyment.. it rli is quite good... and sorry but this flash neither had speaking... good graphics... or anything amusing apart from the random prinny... coz he is a prinny... i like prinnys... prinnys own... PRINNYS!

Did i mention i like prinnys?

~* Tyrix *~


Well, i saw this flash AGES ago... i lobved it then, i love it now... and i know that this is a bit off track but coz the sequel is on another site i thought i would reveiw that too... it was good but Austin's Trial is shorter & easier... thus making ALOT shorter and nt as good... there was SO much thought put into part one... thats what made it special... the second isnt as well thought out... even if it is just a segment of part two.

Well keep up the good work d('-^d)

~* Tyrix *~

lol but...

hehe i thought it was quite funny... but unfortunatly... Graphics = poop, Music = poop, Umm yea mostly poop but i guess the randomness of the storyline and the funny little Man in the hat made it quite amusing... if u could remake this into a more... better drawn Flash then i would happily give it a 5... as it stands... i gave it a 0

~* Tyrix *~

Hey, Ty speaking, I have returned to newgrounds to cast my eye on all those flashes out there :p And im only dark coz i r evil :p but i vote fairly

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