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Very nice indeed. Oh and Grent (Another reveiwer) You had 0/10 you need to click the stars at the top lol.

~* Tyrix *~

*Runs round like crazy* OMG AGAIN?! :D

What is with NG 2day? all i have heard are hreat songs that i havent heard in ages and im all like "OMG THAT OWNS" and attempt to vote 100000 But Ng will only allow 5

Once again... brings back memorys :) well done :)

~* Tyrix *~

Damn i love this song.. brings back memorys

When the moon was close to crashing... i would just sit there and listen to this.. regardless that id die haha. just when i had a short while to go THEN i would go up lol... but.. yea im loving this... you made the mood, sound and texture of the original but with a lovely.. something in it that makes it revive that feling i get when i hear it

~* Tyrix *~

:|...:O... 8O... OMG I LOVE IT!

Duuuuuuude Vote 100000!!! wait.. i can only vote 5? DAMN YOU NG!

i guess ur gonna have to settle with a 5 haha.

Well done... i love this song anyway... i love techno too... so mix em 2gether.. wot u get? THIS! :D

~* Tyrix *~

Too "thin"

It is very well made... but there is something missing... it may be that there is not enough depth to it... but im not sure.. but anyway.. it is well made

Well done
~* Tyrix *~


i... like it but it could b better... i think it is too.. umm.. "Blocky" the beat seems to over power it some times... and it gets a little boring hearing that loud bit at times... so you should make a bit more... diversity i think... but it is good, and i hope you make more

~* Tyrix *~

Well done

i guess im the 1st to reveiw this amazing song... genuinly touched by this song.. im not sure what it is about this... but it is very peaceful and nice.. and i like it very much... well done on creating it and i hope you go far my friend...

i will b keepin an eye out for you music
Best wishes
~* Tyrix *~

DJ-Mustacio responds:

thx appriciate it

Still at it i see ;)

Havent been on newgrounds in a long while... damn ur music better than ever!

Its like OMG ur famous now... look at all the reveiws and stuff :O
Still working on the game and cartoon but as time goes on i find more of ur music to put in it :p

Keep it up man... and long time no c :p

~* Tyrix *~

Me loves this one too!

You never ceice to amaze me Cornandbeans every song i hear from you is like... :O Amazing :O...

And this song is no different.
i have admired your work for a while now and all i can say is
Keep it up, i can c ur gonna make summat of urself in the future if u keep bringing up music like this... i have downloaded many many of ur songs and im not gonna stop any time soon!

Me r a Big Fan and i hope u make alot more

~* Tyrix *~

Was ok

Im sorry for seeming sceptical on the piece but to me all you did was make it echo and put a few extra layers... i apologise if you have done more than that but.. yea... its all i see

~* Tyrix *~

Hey, Ty speaking, I have returned to newgrounds to cast my eye on all those flashes out there :p And im only dark coz i r evil :p but i vote fairly

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